Double '00' Delights!

By Judith on October 27, 2012
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On Friday night I had a date with this guy:

He didn’t disappoint!

And on Saturday I had a date with the gorgeous Bee Blessed gals:

There was much hilarity over the prospect of us making the quilters version of a ‘Calendar Girls’ Calendar!

Here’s a quilt that Sarah made, all ready to be donated:

And just look at how well your crazy patchwork blocks are shaping up:

And to finish off the evening, me, hubby and 2 kids had a date with these crazy animals….

… while the birthday girl and her friends partied on back at the house!

Bag Update:  Once she got over the shock of how big the bag was, she loved it!

And this was inside it:

A new pencil case!

I hope you’ve had some wonderful dates this weekend!

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