Graduation Gifts!

By Judith on March 30, 2020
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My daughter has recently been serving with a Missions organisation called YWAM (Youth With A Mission).


As a team leader she has had the privilege of nurturing 5 students through a Discipleship Training Programme, 4 months in the UK and 2 in Japan.


At the end of the programme the students have a graduation ceremony, and I had the privilege of making little graduation gifts!


Sadly because of Corona Virus, the graduation ceremony couldn’t take place, but the gifts were handed out none-the-less and well received (I also made gifts for the other team and programme leaders).

For the Girls:



Hexie Pouches Graduation gifts


My evenings spent basting hexies meant I had a little collection built up! So I put them to good use and turned them into zippy pouches.


Hexie Pouches Graduation gifts


I had no idea what the girls’ colour preferences were, and even though they were individually wrapped and handed out separately, my daughter said that each person got exactly the right one for their particular style and colour choice! Yay!


Hexie Pouches Graduation gifts


All the hexie panels are made from scraps, leftovers from other projects.  The bases are either Irish Linen or Essex Yarn Dyed Linen and the exteriors finished off with little leather tabs.


Hexie Pouches Graduation gifts


I put some scented hand creams inside the pouches! An extra little surprise when they were opened!


Hexie Pouches Graduation gifts


For the Boys:


Journal Covers - Graduation gifts


These are A5 journal covers, made in Irish linen and cork.


Journal Covers - Graduation gifts


The exteriors are identical, with little scraps of navy leather riveted onto the cork pockets, which also have a handy pen slot!


Journal Covers - Graduation gifts


The cover is held closed by wrapping a leather cord around a duffle button.


Journal Covers - Graduation gifts


The linings are suitably masculine, and I even included a notebook!  So these journals are ready for immediate use!


I was so pleased I was able to post these over to the graduates and leaders, before they all quickly dispersed to different countries, before borders and flights were closed to them.


My classroom is currently closed because of the pandemic, so during this lockdown I hope to make more gifts, as well as trying my hand at video tutorials and classes.


You can check out my first video announcement today on FB and IG, and a mini tour of my little sewing room here!



Wish me luck!


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