New Pattern: Woven Basket

By Judith on May 7, 2021
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Last week I ran my Triaxial Weaving Crafty Monkies workshop.

I demonstrated how to create the simple ‘over 1 under 1’ basket weave and the Houndstooth Basket weave variation. Both of these techniques involve weaving strips on 2 axis (vertical and horizontal). Here are some examples:

Then we moved on to making a Triaxial Woven Panel. Triaxial means ‘3 axis’ – 1 horizontal and 2 opposite 30 degree axis’.

Depending on the ‘over / under’ sequence you can achieve different effects with a triaxial weave. I was teaching the ‘tumbling blocks’ triaxial design.

For weaving you can use a really large safety/nappy pin, however this particular weave is made a little easier by using a Wefty Weaving Needle.

By the end of the workshop, folks had completed (or almost completed) a large triaxial woven panel, which they could then turn into another project e.g. handbag, cushion, wallhanging etc.

One way to transform your panel is by turning it into a cute storage basket!

And I’m pleased to say that the comprehensive pattern for making my woven basket is now available here!

This pattern will take you step by step through …

*preparing your foundation layer (flex foam/bosal/foam board + fusible interfacing)

*making a triaxial woven panel 20″ x 16″

*pressing and stabilising the woven panel from the foundation layer

*transforming the panel into a 3d basket

These little baskets are perfect for keeping a knitting or crochet project handy, storing nappies, toiletries or toys, keeping your current reading material at hand or gifting with goodies to a good friend!

Even if you don’t want to turn your woven panel into a basket, the pattern has step by step instructions and photos on triaxial weaving! So if you’ve always wanted to have a go but were too afraid to try, then here’s a safe way to learn with our pattern, in the comfort of your home!

Happy weaving!


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