Carried Away!

By Judith on May 17, 2012
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That’s what some kind person should have done to me this morning in my local ‘all things fabricy’ shop – carried me away, right out the door, escorted to the car, and seen on my way home!

Instead, I lingered!  Oh dear!

I only went in for denim and muslin!

But I came out with this lot!

What had happended was the shop had recently acquired a house clearance of wonderful fabric remnants and were actively encouraging customers to have a rummage (oh how I love to rummage!) and then the clincher!  They were selling these off at ridiculously cheap prices.

Now this stuff was top quality. I got some sumptuous Italian wool flannel in grey and mustard, and several other large pieces which were only a few pounds per metre.  Most of them are 60″ wide, so I might try the grey flannel as a quilt back to my Stained quilt (anything to avoid making a pieced back!). 

And this aqua something-or-other (don’t exactly know what it is) will go lovely in my bedroom, maybe some cushions or a throw or both – there’s loads of it! 

So you see, I did get a bit carried away, but I could have bought soooooooooo much more!

I think I should stay away from this lovely shop for a wee while!

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