Update on being M.I.A!!

By Judith
 on October 6, 2021

Hi everyone!

It's been a while!

Apologies for the long absence here on my blog! A lot has been happening in the past few months, and when I say a lot, I mean major life changes!

But don't worry, they are all good changes which I am embracing 100% in this new chapter of my life.

Some of you may know I've been selling my house this year and looking to relocate 27 miles west, back home closer to family and to the places where I first fell in love with the countryside.

In April I permanently closed down my classroom and in June I stopped all online teaching to concentrate on relocating. Unfortunately I still haven't managed to find a house to purchase, so last month I packed up the contents of my (sold) house in Belfast and put it all into storage, and moved back into my old bedroom at mum and dad's house!!

The view from my bedroom!

It's 38 years since I last lived here! Weird or what!

My new neighbours!

But being back in the countryside and this beautiful part of the world is so refreshing and good for my soul! It also makes viewing houses for sale down here much easier.

Just before I moved my eldest daughter was able to come over for a visit, the first time me and my 3 daughters have been together in 2 years! It was a special few days!

In addition to all of that, I started a new part-time job, working 3 days a week as admin support for a large Counselling organisation. I'm still finding my feet, but loving every second! It's another big change being employed again (it's been over 14 years!) but I'm loving being part of a team of super friendly and chilled colleagues, working for an outward focussed organisation whose ethos is 'no one journeys alone'!

Throw in attending a new church, making new friends and connecting with old ones, it's been quite the ride!

Leaving everything behind that was familiar and comfortable and effectively starting again at 50 has been a big step. There have been challenging days, but overall I've been keenly aware of God's peace and affirmation, strengthening and sustaining me with each step I take into this new territory that God has called me into.

I'm really excited about finding my new home, a new tribe and renewed purpose. Until I have a new house and a home studio I'm not sure yet what Just Jude Designs will look like! I'm leaving the door open on that one and will keep you posted (the online pattern and supplies shop is still open as normal).

In the meantime, I've brought some sewing supplies with me to mum and dad's and I've been getting stuff done! There have been charity quilts finished, 'quilts for me' started, a quilted gift bag and Brit Bee Swap made and just this week a Siblings Together quilt started!! More blog posts to come on those!

View from my (temporary) sewing room, aka mum and dad's dining room!

So stay tuned for more sewing posts, and thank you for your patience!

Happy sewing!

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