Wonky Star Block Tutorial

By Judith
 on January 31, 2017

I get to be 'Queen Bee' again for February in Siblings Together Bee 2.


And thanks to Sue (a fellow bee mate), I hit on the perfect idea for which block to set.



A while a go Sue offered up her UFO (unfinished objects) pile of wonky star blocks, some made and some still in pieces.


I happily relieved them from her as a potential Siblings Together quilt!



These are super quick and easy blocks to make.  And here is the tutorial for my ST peeps and anyone else who fancies making this scrappy block.


Makes 1 x 12.5" unfinished block

Use 1/4" seam allowance

Cut out:

4 x 4.5" squares of dark fabrics

4 x 4.5" squares of light fabrics (same colourway as dark fabrics)

1 x 4.5" square of white fabric (centre square)

4 x 4.5" squares of white fabric, cut in half diagonally (star points)


1. Put the 4 light squares to one side. These will become the 4 corners.

2. Take a dark square and position a white triangle on it as shown (doesn't have to be exact positioning). Sew along the diagonal edge of the white triangle, taking care not to stretch the bias edge.



3. Cut away the excess dark fabric at the corner, level with the white fabric.



4. Press the seam towards the dark fabric.



5. Position the 2nd white triangle diagonally across the first white triangle as shown (make sure the lower tip of the 2nd triangle extends past the bottom edge of the dark square). Again sew along the diagonal edge of the 2nd triangle.



6. Cut away the excess of both dark and white fabrics at the corner, level with the 2nd triangle.



7. Press the seam towards the dark fabric.



8. Place the unit onto your cutting mat, with the white triangles positioned at the top. Place a small square ruler on top, aligning the bottom & right hand edges of the block with the 4.5" lines on the ruler. Trim the top and right hand edges of the block.



9. Turn the unit 180 degrees and repeat the trimming for the 'new' right hand edge. The unit should now measure 4.5" square.



10. Repeat steps 2 - 9 3 more times.

11. Layout the block units in 3 rows as shown. Sew the units right sides together in each row.



12. Press the seams of rows 1 and 3 AWAY from the centre. Press the seams of row 2 TOWARDS the centre.



13. Join the rows right sides together, taking care to butt/nest the intersecting seams. Press all new seams open.  The block should measure 12.5" square.



Thanking my ST buddies in advance!  Looking forward to receiving these colourful scrappy blocks.

Happy sewing!

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2 comments on “Wonky Star Block Tutorial”

  1. […] I choose to make 4 wonky star blocks.  I found a tutorial for a 12.5″ wonky block.  I had to reverse the colors since the tutorial used white fabric for the star and scrappy fabric for the background.  I also decided to make a different center block.  I made a modified snowball pattern for the center.  Here is the tutorial website: https://justjude-designs.com/wonky-star-block-tutorial/ […]

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