Tova Tunic Trials!

By Judith on October 12, 2015
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I have long admired the Tova dress by Wikstein!

Some time ago, I bought the pattern, even printed out all the pages, stuck them together and cut out my size!

And then I parked it, convincing myself it was too complicated for my basic dressmaking skills!

Well, this weekend I bit the bullet and did it!

Wikstein Tova

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this all came together, especially as I had never sewn a placket before! The pattern is really easy to follow & includes the option of a shorter/blouse version.

Wikstein Tova

I used a lovely piece of (donated) vintage fabric, and teamed it with accents of Essex yarn dyed linen in denim.  I’m particularly pleased with the fit!

Wikstein Tova

I love tunics, and definitely see a lot more of these in my dressmaking future.

Jude xo

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