Time to Pay It Forward!

By Judith on May 30, 2011
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I love this concept of making a handmade gift for someone, just because …..
….. because us creative types love receiving handmade gifts & appreciate the time & effort put into them;
….. because it’s so lovely getting a wee parcel in the post, maybe even from another country;
and because, we know that the blessing from our gift will be passed on to even more people.
So, for my 3 lovely ladies I have made some gifts for them to enjoy.

I can’t show you the full bundle yet, because I know they’ll be reading this and won’t have received their gifts in the post yet, but here’s one of the gifts.

Mmmm …. who gets what?

And here’s a glimpse of something else they’re going to get.

So Sarah, Reene and Leanne – keep your eyes on that postman (for all the right reasons of course!).

And today, I bought me some of this …..

Basting Spray!
Not cheap, but anything is better than pinning & tacking large quilts (groan!).
In finishing today, I want you to know that I’m having a mini crisis over my Brit Swap Quilt (which is why I haven’t posted anything about it lately!).

I promise to reveal more on this tomorrow – beware – it’s UGLY!

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