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There is hope! - Just Jude Designs - Quilting, Patchwork & Sewing patterns and classes

There is hope!

By Judith on November 17, 2011
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Despite the horrific weather I battled with today, I came away from my sister’s salon feeling positive!
Not only did I get a re-style (and of course those impetuous grey roots dyed into submission) but I also found out that 2 of my bags have sold!  Hooray!
And because all of the make-up pouches had previously sold I brought 5 more down with me plus 6 tissue pouches (see pics here).
Within 10 minutes of me setting them out, 4 tissue pouches sold and 1 of the new make-up pouches.  And so as not to completely deplete the stock before customers get a look in, my sister & one of her staff have also ordered about 6 more make-up pouches for teachers’ Christmas presents!!  
Looks like I need to order more zips then!!

I can’t bear to write a post without a photo (?!) so I’ll show you the quilt back for the ‘man’ quilt we are making in Bee Blessed.  I just love that Kona Ash, one of my favourite Kona colours!
All materials from River Fabrics.
Hope you’ve had a less wet & windy day than me!  I’m off to class tonight to see more wonderful creativity in the form of Advent Calendars!

Judith xo

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