Teens and Handbags!

By Judith on February 12, 2014
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My middle daughter turned 15 today!  She’s had a tough time of it lately, and even through hardship and disappointment she continues to smile, make me laugh, and take the best out of each day!

Happy birthday my angel! You’re an inspiration!

On Monday night my Messenger Bag class rounded up with some fabulous finishes!

Messenger Bag class Feb14

Well done ladies!  You coped admirably with this technical bag.  Be very proud.

I’ve been trying to progress my class samples this week, for next term’s programme, so no pics as yet.

But I’m pretty sure there won’t be anymore sewing for the next 2 days as I’ve a very special visitor coming to stay!  Brace for lots of giggles and late night chats!

Jude xo

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