Tea Anyone?

By Judith on October 30, 2011
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Firstly let me say ‘thank you’ to all of you who gave me helpful tips, suggestions and links for my Civil War Quilt dilemma.  I am thoroughly armed now with great information & resources to take this project to the next stage.
I was recently given a gorgeous wee gift by my bloggy friend Karen (Listen to the Birds Sing).

It’s a Tea Bag pouch/case to keep in your handbag for those occasions when you’re in someone else’s house, and offered bog-standard tea!  
With one of these handy pouches, you can be all snobby and whip out your favourite Rooibos or Earl Grey!  (Just for the record I love bog standard tea – the stronger the better!)
I thought one of these would be perfect for my mum.  
It’s her birthday next week and she only drinks Earl Grey.  When she visits me, I stick the kettle on – cue mum rifling around the bottom of her handbag looking for a wayward E.G. Teabag!

I thought mum might like a wee Liberty one to match her Boxy Bag:

But because they were so quick to make, I got a bit carried away and made a few more!

Well I guess I have a few extra Christmas pressies sorted!

Keep your eye on Karen’s blog for a tutorial on how to make these!
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