Say it with Flowers

By Judith on May 18, 2012
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We have a fund raiser for Bee Blessed coming up in June, and we are busy making items to sell at our craft table.

So far all I’ve managed to make are some crocheted brooches.

In my experience of selling at craft fairs, it’s the smaller items that usually sell well.

I really like these myself!  But I probably won’t get time to make myself one!  I’ll just have to buy one back on the day!!!

But something came in the post yesterday just for me!

Cotton wadding and 4 poplin fqs!

These are my winnings from PippaBlue, who was sponsoring the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland’s new Bee naming competition.

My suggestion won, wait for it ……………..

Original or what!

Sadly, I’m already too over committed to other things to join the Bee this round, but there’s always next year!

Hope you are having a great end to the week!

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