Pretty Maids All In A Row!

By Judith on November 16, 2011
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I’m heading down to my sister’s salon tomorrow.  As far as I know none of my handbags have sold, but all the make-up pouches have sold, so I’ve made some more of those to take down with me.

I’ve also made some tissue pouches to take down, as folks seem to be buying smaller gifts at the moment.

I’ll give you an update on sales when I return on Thursday.

Yesterday I got some wonderful post!

Thanks Elisa for your wonderful package of treats & Bee Blessed blocks.  Elisa is my lovely friend across the water in USA, and writes her blog with honesty, passion and creativity – pop on over and say hi!
I’ve always admired & desired one of Elisa’s signature origami cranes.  And now I have one to keep my other crane company.  What should I call them?
Also in the post was the fabric I’ve ordered for my dad’s 70th birthday Civil War quilt.  
Charlotte at The Homespun Loft was an absolute super-star in helping me choose the fabrics I needed, using her discerning eye to guide me on what worked together, and making up & photographing a bespoke bundle just for me.  Thanks Charlotte so much for your first-class service and attentiveness.

So now I need to add ‘Start making Civil War blocks’ to my ever growing To Do list!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Judith xo

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