Playing with Rainbows!

By Judith on October 30, 2014
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A long while ago I took part in the Fluffy Sheep Rainbow Charm Swap, and received a yummy pack of rainbow coloured charm squares.

Today I finally got around to playing with them.

Rainbow charms quilt

Here they are up on my design board!  Isn’t that just rainbow-licious!

Rainbow charms quilt

I may not be in a hurry to sew this ‘thank-you’ quilt together because they are brightening up my sewing room no end!  It’s like having a real rainbow right there in the room!  I love it!

And I forgot to tell you about 2 new patterns up in my Etsy shop now:

Hot Water Bottle covers:

Hot Water Bottle Covers

and Tissue Box covers:

QAYG Tissue box cover

Perfect gifts for Christmas!

Jude xo

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