Pippi Needs a Pee!

By Judith on May 3, 2012
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I needed to make one more Pippi block for the Bee Blessed Pippi/Wonky Houses quilt, but I always seem to have problems with the legs!

The last Pippi I made had a wee problem with ‘water retention’:

And depending on how you look at this latest Pippi you will think she is either about to twirl around and show off her beautiful new dress, or she has a seriously dodgy bladder!

(Hmmmm, bit of a watery theme going on here.  Sorry about that!)

Anyways, we now have enough blocks to make a fabulous quilt top AND a cushion.  So I’d best get on with it as we have a very special teenage girl in mind for this one.

Just need a quick pit-stop at the WC on the way!

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