Pincushion Pleasure!

By Judith on January 6, 2011
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Sometimes a girl just wants to indulge herself with a glam wee make that sits on her table and makes her smile!  At least that’s what I get when I look at my newly crafted pin cushions, made from recycled fabric – as sweet as pumpkin pie! 

Made from a pillowcase!

Made from a child’s jacket!

I’ve been meaning to ‘upgrade’ my shabby old pincushion for a while (I made it when I was pregnant with my first daughter – she’s 15 now!).  I find that I need different size pins depending on the project I’m working on so I made a larger one for my long, flower headed pins, and a smaller one for smaller pins.

They are simply made by sewing together 2 circles of fabric, leaving a 1″ gap for turning.  Turn right side out and stuff with toy stuffing, chopped up bits of left over wadding, or even old tights (washed of course!).  Hand sew the gap closed.  Using embroidery floss and a long needle sew from the centre outwards, creating the ‘pumpkin’ like segments.  Finish off with a cute little button in the middle.

For similar tutorials, checkout Thecraftbegins and Stitchinmission.

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