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Not For The Faint-Hearted! - Just Jude Designs - Quilting, Patchwork & Sewing patterns and classes

Not For The Faint-Hearted!

By Judith on March 7, 2012
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Mothers Day is fast approaching here in UK (18th March).
I’ve decided to make my mum a cushion for her recently decorated lounge.
Here is a swatch of her new wallpaper:
The top right flower looks green but it’s actually gold!
And here are the fabrics I’ve chosen:

Kona Ivory, Robert Kaufamann (Double Happiness) & some of my stash.
As I’ve been wanting to have a go at the machine sewing method of Cathedral Windows for a while (I learnt the hand sewing method at college) I thought I’d make a CW cushion for mum.
Oh boy!
It all came back to me like a disturbing suppressed memory from a trauma long ago!  The endless, tedious folding, ironing, burning fingers, more folding, ironing, trying to mitre and align points!  Who in the name of Henry thought this would be a satisfying and fulfilling patchwork technique?
If it wasn’t for the stunning finished look of CW I think I would have reverted to plan B long before now.


But I press on (ohhhh sorry about the bad pun!).

8 squares folded & pressed.  8 more to go!
If only I had teflon fingers!

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