By Judith on June 4, 2014
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It’s been a stressful week!

I’ll spare you the details, but one of the worst things that happened was my beloved Pfaff sewing machine stopped working yesterday! 

In the 8 years I’ve had my machine I’ve never had any bother!  My Pfaff is not just my sewing machine.  It’s my livelihood!  And of course, it decides to go on strike at the time of year when I’m neck deep in deadlines!!!

I’ve to ring my trusty ‘Mr Sewing Machine Fix It Man’ tomorrow and I’m holding my breath for a favourable and cheap outcome!

Before the worst happened, I managed to get my next round of Brit Bee Medallion sewing done.  As usual I can’t show you much of it, but trimming teeny half square triangles with a teeny 2.5″ square was actually quite fun!

And my beginner class have been doing some great sewing too!  But I’m having a few problems with flickr (of course!) so I’ll show you their makes tomorrow!

I think I’ll call it a day before something else goes wrong!

Jude xo

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