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My 3 Number Ones! - Just Jude Designs - Quilting, Patchwork & Sewing patterns and classes

My 3 Number Ones!

By Judith on February 22, 2012
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I’ve just realised there are several ways you could interpret that title!!  Sorry *snigger*
The number 1’s I’m referring to are my first Stained QAL blocks:

Sarah’s instructions for this techincal pattern have been absolutely brilliant.  
There are 11 fqs in total, all cut up into precise measurements.  I’m using Kona Charcoal for my sashing, and apart from a momentary blip, when my brain stubbornly refused to keep up, I got number 1 blocks, a, b & c chain pieced without incident.

I really like how these fabrics are coming together.  The remaining blocks will be different from these number 1s.  No chance of getting bored!

I’ll leave you with an embarrassing story. 
Yesterday I had to tell my daughter’s orthodontist that our dog is in fact a goat in disguise!!  He seemed completely unphased at the news that our dog had eaten one of her retainers at the weekend (perhaps Poppy was trying it on for size!), especially when we were told it would be £47 to replace it!  

What an expensive dog!! And there was me thinking she was a reformed character!

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