Mouthy Stitches Swap!

By Judith on January 11, 2012
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What a name for a zippy pouch swap!
But then when you know whose organising it – Susan, Hadley & Cindy – ’nuff said!!
The terrific trio have been scheming & decided to jointly host a zippered pouch swap. 
The requirements are simple – get mouthy!  That is, if you decide to join in, then get stuck in and take a fully active part in commenting on flickr and encouraging folks in what they make.
I love these 3 gals ‘cos they don’t beat about the bush – straight talkers.  We will be allocated secret swap partners, & they’ve even made sure that no-one gets overly anxious about the obligatory ‘extras’ that become expected in swaps.  The extras for this swap must be no more than a fat quarter worth of scraps – how cool is that?!
There was never a question of me not joining in (I could never say no to 3 fellow bee members!).
So I would encourage you to join in too.  
No need to be nervous about zippers either – a thread in flickr has already been started where lots of tutorials will be posted.  You will be among friends who don’t expect perfection but love encouraging others to try new things.

To give your secret partner an idea of your likes, you make a mosaic of any inspirational pictures you’ve found in flickr.
Here’s mine!

Picture no. 8 likes to hide, but if you go here, you’ll be able to see it.

Have fun!

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