More Wonky Houses!

By Judith on August 5, 2012
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Agnes is our Queen bee this month in the Modern Irish Bee.

She sent us the most wonderfully bright fabrics to work with and wasn’t fussy at all about what dimensions the blocks turned out!

I had no more of Agnes’s solid blue left to finish the sky, so I’ve asked her to add another strip to the top.

We were also allowed to throw in a few of our own fabrics too, so I added some daisies and the bird in the first block, and a few more girly pink squares to the 2nd block.

There are some really funky and wonky houses popping up in the group – you can see them here.


You might be pleased to know that Martha now has 3 legs, albeit one of them wooden! 

Now she stands upright in my sewing room, and frightens the life out of me everytime I turn round and think someone has crept up on me!  She’s got a naughty side that one!

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