Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland

By Judith on February 6, 2012
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I’m not a member of my local Quilters’ Guild here in N.Ireland (I don’t actually think they’d let me in – too much of a rule breaker!).
But I’m excited to join the new Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland, launched last month by Sarah and Cindy.
If you live anywhere in Ireland, then please consider joining this new group.  
Sarah and Cindy have set up a new blog and flickr group where you can get more information, browse and be inspired.  
There is a growing number of Quilting bloggers in Ireland, both north and south, and I often thought it would be good to try and get more connected on a local level. 
So if you fancy being part of a modern quilters’ group, joining in swaps, projects, meeting up & more, then fill in the form on the MQGI blog.

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