Mocha Made It…..

By Judith on May 23, 2013
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….. into my Brit Bee Giant Star wallhanging!

Brit Bee '13 Linen Star Wallhanging 005
Approx. 64″ x 64″

Apart from this needing a jolly good iron, I’m really pleased with out it has turned out!

Thank you everyone for your brilliant feedback and suggestions!  In the end I had to go with what I had available, and as you can get a truer sense of the colours here, I’m hoping the non-mocha voters will be swayed!

Brit Bee '13 Linen Star Wallhanging 007

And today I got sewing with some Marmalade yummies …

Half Hexie Table Runner (in progress)

… and a bandana for my neck ….. because it is almost summer …… which means it is freezing!!!!!!

Bandana 001

Well I’m heading off tomorrow for a weekend of bloggy shenanigans!!  No doubt there will be incriminating evidence for you to look at online before I get home Sunday!!

Have a good one!


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