Meet Shirley ….

By Judith on June 2, 2013
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…. the cow!

Shirley 001

My youngest daughter has an affection for cows!  She likes to give them names!  Shirley was the latest!

A while ago I pinned this pattern with Bethany in mind!  It is her birthday this month, so I thought I’d have a go at making her a cow cushion!

I knew I wanted Shirley to be in purples and greens.  My first attempt was sewing directly onto the print outs, but I didn’t have any solid fabrics at the time so went with polka dots!

Shirley 1

I didn’t think it looked quite right, too fussy!  So I got some Klona from my LQS and had another crack at it.

For my 2nd attempt I traced the pattern onto greaseproof paper, which is what I usually use for paper piecing.  And I have to say, the klona pieced like a dream!

Unfortunately, I lost some accuracy doing it this way (you can see that Shirley looks like she’s suffered a stroke as one side of her face is drooping!) and I made a mistake on the nose (can you spot it?). 

I don’t have the stomach for making a 3rd one, and think I will just go with Klona Shirley!  What do you think? 


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