Luscious Linen!

By Judith on September 27, 2012
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Today I had the pleasure of discovering a gem of a place right here on my doorstep!

In my local fabric shop this morning I was told about a manufacturer of Irish Linen, who are situated right here in Belfast (in fact 10 mins drive from where I live!) & are open to the public.

I had no hesitation in driving there to find out more!

John England Irish Linen have 100’s of bolts of quality linen, in all weights and colours you can imagine!

Here in Northern Ireland, we have a rich history in linen making, and John England is carrying on that legacy.

Members of the public can drule over avail of the many off cuts and ends of bolts, at cut down prices.

Here’s what I bought today:

These 3 are coated to make them waterproof!  Excellent for bag-making!

So if you’re local and love linen, pop on down to John England and pick up a bargain!

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