Lunch Bags!

By Judith on June 10, 2014
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You may remember last week I was working on some lunch bags for a class in the Autumn.

It took this many prototypes to decide on just the right size and proportions!

And when I did there was no stopping me!

There are 2 shapes here:  An easier construction …

 …and a slightly more involved, boxy construction:

I played around a bit with handles and closures and decided the snap poppers were the best.

You can also see I experimented with different fabrics, oilcloth, linen, denim, deco weight.  And to make them ‘cool bag’ like, I used Insul Bright Heat Resistant Wadding on the inside.

Oilcloth definitely adds a level of difficulty to the construction and I used wipeable fabrics for the lining, which also requires some patience!

Recycled machine washable shower curtains are great here!

But mainly I had lots of fun playing around with some of my favourite free motion sketching!

This will be a Saturday workshop in the Autumn term, and I’m hoping the ladies who come will enjoy making these as much as I did!

Jude xo

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