Last Class of 2012

By Judith on December 14, 2012
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Today saw the end of my classes for 2012!

It has been an amazing year of teaching and pattern writing for me, working through the summer, progressing to 4 weekly classes, and getting a wee Etsy Pattern shop up and running.

I still feel so privileged and touched that folks want to come to my classes and learn from me! I still have much to learn, but I love what I do!

Here are a few mosaics to round up the last few weeks of classes.  What an amazing bunch!

Brooches Classes Dec12
The brooches made by my 2 Brooches Classes

Kids Stocking Workshop Dec12
Kids Christmas Stocking Workshop
Christmas class Dec12
Adults Christmas class
And our final Bee Blessed of 2012 meets tomorrow. 
Just one more week of work and I’ll be switching off the old grey matter for a few weeks! 
Now I can turn my attention to the small matter of Christmas shopping (groan!).
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