"Just Keep Swimming!"

By Judith on February 9, 2014
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Dory was my favourite character from the film ‘Finding Nemo’!  Probably because I could totally relate to this ditsy, forgetful little creature that always seemed to be going round and round in circles!

But amidst a super busy week, Dory’s famous line ‘just keep swimming’ became a great & profound motivator!! 

At least my week ended on a high, watching my dear friend inspire and share her talent at her very first Embroidery workshop.

Embroidery Workshop Feb14

Sarah had some of her own beautiful work with her to inspire the class.

Embroidery Workshop Feb14
Just a few of her amazing makes

And the morning was spent practising an armoury of stitches and useful techniques.

Embroidery Workshop Feb14

After lunch the ladies got down to business, tracing their chosen designs and starting to stitch them up!

I didn’t get any pics here, as they weren’t finished in time, but I’m hoping photos of finishes will be emailed in to me (hint, hint!).  These are Sarah’s designs the ladies were re-creating!

Embroidery workshop samples

Thank you Sarah for sharing your talents and knowledge. It was a fun, relaxing day!

And well done ladies on some stunning stitchery!  Keep swimming!

Jude xo

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