Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny!

By Judith on September 22, 2013
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This lovely lady sent me some teeny purse frames after hearing about my upcoming Framed purses workshop. They are only 3″ x 1″!!  I drafted a template and made 2 samples for the workshop.

Mini Framed Purses

If you don’t DO fiddly, then these are not for you!  Cute?  Yes!  Tricky to make?  Most definitely! I’m a messy pup when it comes to the glue (perhaps I like the smell of it too much!!) so you can imagine the mess I got into with these ones!

But just look at what my ladies created yesterday at the workshop (& didn’t get into half the mess I did)!

Framed Purses Workshop Sept13

(For some reason Pic Monkey wouldn’t let me make a collage with these pics, so I’ve created a Mosaic in Big Huge Labs, but unfortunately that means the pictures are cropped! I hope you can still get a sense of the beautiful purses that were made.)

These purses are all medium 3″ x 6″ ones. Well done ladies for managing the tricky and messy stages of these purses so elegantly! You did me proud!

And a big thank you to everyone who made suggestions on how to remove the excess glue from the frames.  Nail polish remover works a treat on the silver metal frames, and I used white spirit on the gun metal ones.  A bit smelly, but it did the job!


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