It Is Finished!

By Judith on March 29, 2013
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Around this time of year, a very long time ago, these words were spoken and revolutionised the Christian world for the next 2000+ years!

My version of ‘It Is Finished’ is much less significant and much more of a relief!

I am now officially on holiday for Easter – a whole week off!! Yippee!

Here are the finished projects from Thursday night & Friday morning classes:

EPP Starflower Class Mar13
EPP Starflower Wallhanging

Value Quilt Class Mar13
Value Quilt – pattern available here

Well done ladies for sticking with some technical stages in your projects.   Enjoy your beautiful creations!

On the home front, I have several projects on the go and as many patterns to write for next term’s classes!  I will try v.hard not to sneak in work stuff during my week off!

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