Introducing ….. The Boxy Bag

By Judith on September 29, 2011
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The final instalment in my bag series is The Boxy Bag.

This one was gifted to my mum on Mother’s Day earlier this year.
I use stiff denim for these bags, because it holds the wonderful boxy structure.
This pattern came about almost by accident!  It’s actually taken from the Modern Maud pattern template and I had a moment earlier this year of ‘I wonder what would happen if I did this ….’  and so the Boxy Bag was born!
My mum uses hers for transporting her books around.  They are bigger than those trendy ‘lunch box’ style bags that you see about, and are v.sturdy.
A stylish yet practical bag.
Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my wee bag series.  In a few weeks time these lovelies (& more) will be destined for my sister’s salon, hopefully to find new owners!

Have a fab Friday!

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