'I believe the children are our future …'

By Judith on November 9, 2011
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In the true spirit of Witney, and like a good wee mummy, I spent a day with my daughter & her friend teaching them how to sew mugrugs!
The big girls were back to school but my youngest had an extra day off on Monday. So we arranged for her friend to come round, who also enjoys sewing.
They got straight to work!
It’s a hard life barking at builders all day!
And with the builders banging, the dog barking, and the electricity going off half way through, the girls triumphed with 2 crazy patchwork mugrugs, while I nursed my very last shredded nerve!!

My daugher on the left, friend on the right & Abe Lincoln’s nose in the background!

And in the words of another well known celeb.. “Didn’t they do well?”

Judith xo

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