Grey in Kona, not in roots!

By Judith on October 18, 2011
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Well I’ve just been down to my lovely sister’s hair & beauty salon and done battle with the old grey roots (again!).  
Kona Ash might be a very ‘in’ look at the moment for us quilters, but not when it comes to the roots of a 40 year old (who still thinks she’s 20!).
I was also bringing down the bags that I’ve made thus far, to sell in the salon.  

They don’t look like much in these rubbish photos!
Thank you everyone for encouraging me through this, and the wonderful feedback about my bags.  I really don’t like selling my wares, I’m way out of my comfort zone here, but the sales of these bags will help me financially, so I just have to get over myself!
I did manage to get another Modern Maud run up yesterday for the sale today, here she is:

I love the texture of the wool in this one!  V.touchy, feely!
Before I had left the salon, one of the wee cosmetics bags had sold, so that is encouraging!
I’ll be down again in a month’s time (to do battle with the grey roots again), and will hopefully have some stock to replace those that have sold!

Fingers crossed!

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