Going Green!

By Judith on December 23, 2012
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Details of my Tula Pink Prince Charming Giveaway are here.

Youngest daughter requested a handmade pencil case for Christmas, in her favourite colours – Green!

Pencil Cases Dec12

She likes the flat style, but I thought I’d give her a choice!

Eldest daughter got a pencil case with her messenger bag in October for her birthday, but she won’t use the pencil case for school cos she says it’s too nice, and doesn’t want it getting ruined! Bless!

So I rustled her up a ‘not so pretty’ more practical one she can happily ruin with pencil leads and pens!

Shannon's Pencil Case Dec12

I’m also working on a wee Christmas quilt, which the girls are encouraging me to do. I hope to get it done by Christmas day!!!!  Wish me luck!

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