Getting Ready

By Judith on July 9, 2012
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We will be staying and visiting several families while in England next week, so I wanted to bring a little something homemade to say ‘thank you for having us!’

I hope these will do the trick:

Big Bro tells me his newly painted hallway is grey!  Let’s hope this goes ok!

For another family we will be visiting – no clue what colour their hallway is, so I’ve taken a risk!

Unfortunately, there are more people we are visiting than time left to make gifts, so the shop bought ones will have to do. 

I don’t know if it’s just a Northern Irish thing, but we seldom visit empty handed!

I got a few more things ticked off the ‘Things to do before you go on holiday’ list, but it keeps growing with more stuff I keep remembering I need to do!

Tomorrow it’s the hairdressers, the bank, a visitor to the house, and then out to a friends house.  That leaves Wednesday to wash, iron, pack & clean the house and chase away the spiders and rats ready for the house/dog-sitter!  We leave on Thursday!

I am keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, especially for the wedding on Saturday.  Thank goodness we are driving over, so we can pack for all seasons and not worry about weight restrictions!

Looks like I need to add ‘Wellies’ to the list, and scratch ‘sun cream’ from it!!

I’ll check in once more before the off!

Have a good one!

P.s The pattern for this Welcome Wallhanging is available in my Etsy Shop.

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