FQR 2012 – The Fabric

By Judith on June 6, 2012
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I promise this will be the last post on FQR!  If you have stuck with it this far, well done and thank you!

My hand luggage was considerably heavier on the return journey!  Here’s why:

The goodie bag of treats we received Saturday morning!

A collection of fqs and yardage from the fq swap, fugly fq swap and an early birthday pressie from Terri. 

A FQ bundle I won from the uber generous free raffle.

Pressies from Brit Bee friends.

Apologies for the poor quality pics.  I took these on Sunday when I got home – I felt completely jet lagged despite only travelling 300 miles!!

Well that completes my roundup of FQR 2012.  Talks are already afoot for 2013 but I promise not to mention it until nearer the time!

Hopefully normal blogging (& life) will resume this week!

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