For the love of Doorstops!

By Judith on March 16, 2011
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I’ve got a wee ‘thing’ about doorstops at the moment. 

I think they’re so cute when I see them in shops, especially the decorative ones in the shape of cutesy houses, or funky chickens!

Picture from Google images

Picture from Google images

I discovered Oh Fransson’s doorstop tutorial 18 months ago and loved how it turned out (although not sticking to her generous 1/2″ seams meant my squares weren’t even – I learn the hard way!).  Be warned though, these babies take nearly 2kg of dried peas to fill them!

I will soon be teaching this wee gem in my class and thought I’d make another one, to refresh myself with the pattern, but also as a potential present for my friend’s birthday.

As usual I recycled bits of denim, wool, small cotton scraps & even a zip (the closure is underneath). 
My plain centre square was crying out for a love heart button, but for some reason I find it difficult to source these in my local shops. 
So I thought I’d make my own out of fimo clay. 

Hmmm! Now which one shall I choose?

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