Eye Spy On Rainbows!

By Judith on January 23, 2015
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I had a productive day of quilting yesterday, and got my Rainbow Charms quilt finished!

Wanna see?

Eye Spy on Rainbows Quilt
Sadly no outdoor shots today, too wet! 
You can just about see the off-centre concentric circles I quilted, which I love on square/grid/angular quilts.

Eye Spy on Rainbows Quilt
There was always going to be black and white stripey binding (my fav!) and a label for the recipients (pardon the spelling mistake, oops!).
I have managed to find and list 40 ‘eye-spy’ items in the quilt for the 2 youngest members of this family to have fun finding when they eventually receive it.

And of course, my 2 (not so) little munchkins had to test out this quilt for snuggle factor!

Eye Spy on Rainbows Quilt
Passed with flying colours!

So I can finally get this parceled up and posted over to England.

And for those of you who are rainbow charm fans, I am hoping to soon start selling sizzix cut rainbow charm packs in my Etsy shop!! Watch this space!

Have a great weekend, Jxo

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