Dude! Where's My Quilt?

By Judith on February 28, 2012
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So I’ve got my Surfer Dude quilt top finished, according to this tute.
Approx. 51″ x 55″

Only problem is, my nephew is at least 6′ 2″, and this quilt will just about cover his ankles!!
So I’m thinking, border, leftover scraps, etc. to eek it out a bit bigger without having to buy more fabric (haven’t a clue yet what’s going on the back or for the binding).
Need to get the old squared paper and pencil out again to do a bit of maths (groan!!!!!!!!!)

Just as I was going outside this morning to take pics of the quilt, this poor wee sorry sight met me in the patio:

We take a lot of pleasure from the birds that visit our garden, my youngest daughter in particular. We even have some nesting in our boxes this year.  We are just hoping this isn’t the pregnant female we’ve been watching getting the box ready for her new family.  So sad.

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