Dennis the Menace for a Minnie the Minx!

By Judith on December 21, 2012
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My very own ‘Minnie the Minx’ (aka middle daughter!) is getting a quilt for Christmas (shhhh, don’t tell her!).

You may remember her Beano themed decoupage table makeover in the summer, and the curtain we found in a charity shop on holiday!

Her birthday is 7 weeks after Christmas, and in my head I thought that if I didn’t get time to make her a quilt out of it for Christmas, I would do it for her birthday.

Well, I started it on Tuesday and got it finished yesterday!

Beano Quilt for Lucy Dec12
I managed to mitre the border corners so that the stripes all lined up! Phew!

After some serious deliberations on how to get the most out of the curtain, I went for 12″ blocks of the main pics, and fussy cut out some of the smaller graphics. 

Some Kona Tomato framed the mini blocks perfectly, and I just about had enough left for the binding too. 

Beano Quilt for Lucy Dec12

Sadly I could only find the black and red stripe in polycotton, but as it is also the colours of the footie team my daughter plays for, as well as the English League team she supports, I don’t think she’ll mind at all! 

Beano Quilt for Lucy Dec12

And after being inspired by the circular quilting on Judith’s quilt, I went for an off-centre continuous circle pattern  (well ….. more ‘curly whirlies’ than concentric circles!).

Beano Quilt for Lucy Dec12

And one more finish before I go!

Bee Blessed Quilt Dec12 - 'Very Square Like Me'

This is a Bee Blessed quilt called Very Square Like Me, which is now making its way to a widowed mummy with 6 kiddies!

Thank you everyone for contributing to this quilt, and making it a special gift of comfort!

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