Crazy Daughter Quilt Take 2!

By Judith on June 8, 2011
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Okay, so the last one wasn’t big enough!
I’ve added another row and widened it with 2″ lilac & 2″ white borders – will this be big enough?

Measures 51″ x 70″
It gets the thumbs up from my daughter – hooray!
But now I have to quilt it, groan!
Before sewing version 1 altogether, I had contemplated doing a technique called ‘Quilt as you go’ (quilting each block or row separately, and then cleverly joining each row already quilted), but decided against it because I thought I wouldn’t be doing intricate quilting and it wasn’t that big (then!).

Now that it is even bigger I wish I had gone with my original strategy!  This is going to be tricky!

I’m going to ponder for a while over the best way to quilt this – I really don’t have the patience for rotating a large quilt many times under a small needle space, so any ‘easy but stunning’ quilting suggestions you may have would be v.welcome!
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