Busy Bees

By Judith on October 20, 2013
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Yesterday afternoon, Bee Blessed met for an industrious afternoon of Exhibition prep.

You see on 9th November, not only will my students from the past 2 years be exhibiting their makes (squeeeee!), we will also be having a craft fair fund raiser for Bee Blessed and Oasis Women’s Quilting Group.

This is some of what I’ll be contributing to the craft table.

Craft fair makes
Journal covers and ‘boy’ pencil cases
Craft fair makes

I wish I had more time to make lots more (story of my life) but I’ll also be submitting some ‘no longer needed’ class samples.

And today, I hummed along to the Proclaimers in the cinema, feeling really old as my kids looked at me and said ‘Who?’


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