Brit Quilt Tweet!

By Judith on August 3, 2012
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I’ve been working on a mini quilt as part of the Brit Quilt Swap Round 3.

I was allocated a partner who was so easy to make for because she likes lots of different things!

Let’s hope I got it right!

I decided to pick out a few key elements that my partner said she liked, and put them altogether into this birdie quilt!

My partner hasn’t made any comments yet on the progress pics on flickr, but it has been a quiet round this time.   I expect lots of folks are on holiday!

I really enjoyed making this one!  I hope my partner gets lots of enjoyment out of it too! 

I’m putting in these extras for her, as well as some chocs which I’ve yet to buy!

The posting window is the end of this month, so it feels good to get this one finished ahead of time.

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