Back to School!

By Judith on January 5, 2012
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My 3 darling angels (?!) returned to school today!  That means I now have the house to myself once again, and can start to panic think about all the things I need to be working on!
I haven’t been totally lax over the holidays though!  As you know I’ve been working on Dad’s Civil War quilt.  Here are another 3 blocks done.
‘Games, Music & Knitting’ aka Churn Dash

‘Meeting General Lee’

‘Mail Delivery’ aka Dutchman’s Puzzle
That’s 8 out of 20 made so far.
And a wee peek on a little something for someone!
Full reveal when the recipient receives it!
There’s also a much bigger project brewing for me, which I can’t talk about yet, but I’m getting a little excited about!  Perhaps in a few weeks I’ll be able to let you in on it!!
So now I’m off to turn the music up full blast and dance around the house naked (no not really, just joking –  the music won’t be that loud!).
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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