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A Picture of Muggins! - Just Jude Designs - Quilting, Patchwork & Sewing patterns and classes

A Picture of Muggins!

By Judith on February 2, 2012
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Well the challenge for February has been well and truly set!
This is the sort of thing our lovely Miss February (Jennie) wants us to make for her month in the Brit Bee!
Self Portrait by Luke Haynes

To say she’s had quite an impact in the group is an understatement!
Personally, I’m quite excited at the idea (once I got my head out of the brown paper bag!).
I’m going to work from my Blog Profile Picture (see right).  Unfortunately on my computer I don’t have the means of applying a pop-art affect to it, so I’m just going to try it free hand.
But look what happened when I tried to print out the photo in black and white!
The ink in my printer is running out, but it gave this cool stripey effect, which has given me some ideas for how I might do my portrait (whether or not I stick to those ideas remains to be seen!).
Jennie very kindly sent us some prints and solids to work from, but as she wants these self portraits to be a true reflection of our personalities, she’s asked us to use some of our own stash too.
Now I’m realising the advantage of the compulsory Art Module I had to do in my P&Q course!  
So there we have it!  A first for all of us!  Can’t wait to see what we all make!

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