A Little Retail Therapy!

By Judith on February 4, 2012
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No.1 daughter needed more acrylic paint for her GCSE Art project, so off we trundled to our local Craft Shop!

I purposely don’t go there very often because with the wonderful choice of buttons, ribbons, threads, yarn, art supplies and sooooooooooo much more, I inevitably spend money!
Well today was no different!
Shannon got her much need paint and I got these:
Some items are much more needed than others!
I thought I’d have a crack at making eyelets in purses and bags, but I’m darned if I can get that wee hole puncher thingy to punch a hole in the fabric.  I mean, just hard do you need to hit it with the hammer?  Any advice from experienced eyelet punchers?
I have a particular project in mind for the crochet trim, and one or two other bits, but the rest was pure indulgence I’m afraid!  Believe me, this is a restrained purchase lot!  I could have kept going all morning!
Anyway, this afternoon I want to get Kat’s Sew Bee Happy Block done, and I might get a bit more done on my Mouthy Stitches Swap Pouch (first one didn’t go so well – more on that another day!).
It’s so dark and wet here, but I’m glad we didn’t get the snow!  I hope you guys over on the East coast of the UK are faring ok with all the white stuff!  
Take care!
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