A Discontented Quilter!

By Judith on June 10, 2011
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Please bear with me!
I know yesterday I said my mini Brit Quilt Swap was completed ….. but ………….
I wasn’t happy with it and it niggled away at me.  There wasn’t enough background quilting which made it look at wee bit baggy when hanging, so I did some fmq in the background. 
I didn’t want the fmq to stand out too much so used white thread on a white background to keep it subtle.
My struggle with this mini quilt has been less about perfection (I’m a rehabilitated perfectionist!) and more about cohesion and balance.  Sometimes you just don’t ‘feel’ right about a thing, and I’m the sort of person who can’t give that ‘thing’ away until I’m happy with it myself.

Well I’m now happy with this mini quilt (at long last), so I’ll be able to post it with smiles and a happy heart!

Thank you for your patience!

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