The One Where I Forgot Something!

By Judith
 on November 28, 2012

Working from home during the day means I have the privilege of being able to look after a couple of my friends' kids after school, several afternoons a week.

I know when their birthdays are, and I usually pride myself on being organised well in advance when it comes to theirs (& everyone else's) birthdays!

But I slipped up this week!

One of my Tuesday/Wednesday girls' birthday was on Monday.  I knew it was the 26th.  I've had her card written and set out from the beginning of November.  I always make her and her sister something for their birthdays.

Not realising how quickly November was disappearing like sand through my fingers, and foolishly thinking I still had plenty of time, I awoke Monday morning, checked the date, and then screamed!!

Ok, so that was a slight exaggeration!  I gasped in shock with hand to forehead (i.e. slapping myself on the head for being so remiss) and then wracked my brains all day trying to come up with an idea.

I managed to start working on my idea on Monday night (in class!!!) and got it finished yesterday, wrapped up and in time for youngun' coming through that door at 3pm!  Phew!

Journal/Notebook Cover Nov12

The smile and delighted reaction from this wanna-be fashion designer made it all worth while!

I think birthdays should last a couple of days anyway!  Don't you?

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