The New Workroom!

By Judith
 on May 28, 2014

Well a few of you have been itching to see pics of my new sewing room (my old bedroom)! 

I'm almost embarrassed to show you these pics, in case you think I'm bragging!  I'm not, but completely and utterly aware of how fortunate I am to have the available space to facilitate this size of workspace.

I've tried to take pictures working from left to right, from the door as you come in, clockwise around the room!

My Sewing Room

I spend at least 20 hours per week in here (often more!) supporting the 10-15 hours per week I spend teaching my classes. I'm loving my new 'office' space where I can sit at a proper desk and write patterns, answer emails, take registrations for classes etc. without having to balance the laptop on my knee!

My Sewing Room

The light from the huge bay window is brilliant to sew at!  Though I'm now looking directly into the front street and getting some strange looks back!

My Sewing Room

I keep my deco weight, linen, wadding offcuts and dressmaking stuff in these boxes.  I also have a box of ufo's (less said the better!) and the smaller boxes on the top shelf are projects currently being developed for future classes.

My Sewing Room

What's a little weird is that I have slightly less storage space for smaller items, but my ample window sills have come in handy!  I even have a place to hang my WIP quilts!

But my most favourist (?!) of all the items in the room is my new cutting table!


My dad converted my old work table into this huge cutting table, complete with castors so I can move it to one side, room to store & access my bulky bolts of fabric and tonnes of space on top for several large cutting mats!  I've still to stick down a couple of measuring tapes to the top edges to make it quick and easy to measure yardage. 

You know, it really doesn't matter how much space I get, I still manage to fill it!  This new spacious workroom means I'm no longer cramped and falling over stuff and there's room for Shannon and I to work side by side!

It's as a result of very unpleasant circumstances that this change of room use has been possible.  But I'm a great believer that good things can come out of bad situations.

A huge thank you to my 3 long suffering kids for helping me push and pull the furniture around, and to my dad for being so creative and handy with his hands!

Jude xo

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