That's the Desk Tidied!!

By Judith
 on December 3, 2011
As you know I've been in a quandry over what to make big bro for Christmas.  
Thanks so much for all your wonderful & creative suggestions, most of which I will mostly definitely be putting in the 'Things to Try' bank!
I was just about to go with Trudi's idea of a scarf backed with polar fleece, and start running around shops looking for soft fleece, when I had an epiphany (no, it didn't hurt)!!
I was walking round Tescos the other day when I suddenly thought of change trays/desk tidies.  Unbeknown to me, my lovely bloggy friend Helen was thinking exactly the same thing, and emailed me the same idea!!  Talk about being of one creative mind!  Brilliant!
So here they are:
Fabric - Indigo Berries from River Fabrics

They were quite difficult to photograph as the fabrics are dark and rich, but I think they will be perfect for my brother's office desk.  
I downsized the hostess box pattern (which I'm also using for my Christmas mugrug sets) twice to get a little family of desk tidies.  Isn't baby box so cute?
And if he doesn't want to use them for stationary, he can always fill them with sweets (like me, he has an incureable sweet tooth!).
After considerable tweaking, resizing, unpicking & resewing, I conquered the journal cover pattern.
This one is for my friend's daughter who loves to read and journal, and while she is v.feminine, isn't overly girly, and a little bit Gothy.  So I hope these less girly fabrics from Sophie will please (the Sophie cot quilt will be for this teenager's new little sister when she arrives!).

This one is for my neice, who is 13.  She likes all things girly!

The crochet hearts pattern is by Attic 24, found here.

Well that's it for today.  I'm off to make more presents!

Have a fab Saturday!

Judith xo

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