Teabag Wallet Tutorial

By Judith
 on January 7, 2019

Teabag Wallet Tutorial


If you're not a standard tea drinker, how about keeping a few of your favourite flavours in a portable and handy wallet!


Teabag Wallet Tutorial


This simple tutorial will have you 'bagged' up in no time!

(And a great little gift idea for a tea loving friend don't you think!)


You will need:

Exterior: 1 x (5" x 7")

Lining: 1 x (5" x 7")

Pockets: 2 x (5" x 7")

Heavy Sew-in Vilene: 1 x (5" x 7")

505 Basting Spray

chalk pen or non-permanent fabric marker

elastic hair bobble





1 Spray baste the vilene to the wrong side of the lining.



2 Bring both long edges of each pockets wrong sides together and press.



3 Place the first pocket onto the right side of the lining, with the folded edge of the pocket positioned 1.5" down from the top of the lining.



4 Sew along the bottom of the pocket 1/8" from the raw edge and through all layers.



5 Place the last pocket on top, this time with the raw edge aligned with the bottom of the lining. Chalk a line through the centre as shown.



6 Sew along the chalk line, through all layers.



7 Machine tack a hair bobble just above the front pocket, on the right side. The loop of the elastic must face in towards the wallet.



8 Pin the exterior right sides together with the pocket section. Sew around all sides using 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 2" gap along the bottom edge.



9 Turn the wallet right sides out through the gap in the lining. Press under the raw edges of the gap.



10 Sew around all sides of the wallet using 1/8" seam allowance, closing the gap as you go.



11 Press the wallet in half and sew a button onto the front and aligned with the elastic.



Fill up with your favourite teas and off you go!


Teabag Wallet Tutorial


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14 comments on “Teabag Wallet Tutorial”

  1. I realized the last time I made these - it’s better to leave opening to turn at the top. It’s easier and not as bulky to close as it’s not as thick. I would like to make the gift bag, didn’t quite understand it, and the site for instructions isn’t there. Are they available somewhere else? Thank You.

  2. Love it- just what I needed- I’m a big tea drinker and so are some of my friends- nice thinking of you gift.

  3. So, so cute! Just made one for my grandma, and I’m so thrilled with how it came out. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  4. Thank you for this pattern! I carry tea bags with me everywhere I go but I usually put them in a Zip-loc™ bag and stuff them into my purse. My sister carries around tea bags too. I can't wait to make this adorable wallet! One for me and one for her. Maybe I'll make a whole bunch. Such fun! Thanks again!

  5. Hi! I love this pattern and want to make this for a gift. I’m in the US and don’t know exactly what heavy sew in vilene is. How heavy is this?

  6. HI Judith, I love this pattern for the tea bag wallet, I am always carrying teabags around, will be making it soon, thanks for the pattern, I always look forward to your emails coming in.

  7. Love it, just found your site, someone new in my life loves drinking tea and was hoping there was a pattern, yea! thank you and all your work is beautiful, i'm sure I will be around here for a little bit, I want to go make this tea bag holder, maybe 2.

  8. I must make this, my husband is a green tea drinker, and not all hotels provide this. And yay, I can comment again. No stopping me now

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